Five centuries of Brazilian Art highlighted
in a permanent exhibition in São Paulo

Bringing to a conclusion three years of intense preparations, Itaú Cultural will open the Espaço Olavo SetubalColeção Brasiliana Itaú to the public at 14h00 on December 13 next. The "Espaço", or Exhibition Space, has been designed to house the permanent display of part of the extraordinary collection of works of art amassed by the bank over recent decades, plus the institution's numismatics collection. All in all there are over 1,300 works and pieces of incalculable historical value.


The Brasiliana collection provided 969 paintings, engravings, manuscripts, historical documents and books spanning five centuries of Brazilian art from the discovery of the country to the late twentieth century. There are major works on display by Franz Post, Rugendas, Debret, Chamberlain, Auguste Sisson and Emil Bauch, as well as other artists involved in producing the very first records of Brazil's life and landscape.

In numismatics, the collection will show visitors 395 pieces tracking the history of coins minted in Brazil and a sweeping overview of medals and decorations made since the arrival of the Portuguese in 1500. Both collections are housed on two floors of the Itaú Cultural building on Avenida Paulista, specially refurbished to house the initiative.


The collection is enriched by technological aids specially designed for this museum, such as audio-visual animations filling in the background details behind some of the works.  read more >


Curatorial text


Brasiliana: art tells the history of Brazil

"Above all, this is an art exhibition. Art either produced  in Brazil or about Brazil itself: by domestic or foreign artists, tackling the issues of our country." That is how curator Pedro Correa do Lago defines the selection process for the Coleção Brasiliana to go on show to the public from December 13. He describes the Olavo Setubal Space as "a museum that is closely linked to the history of the country, and the display unfurls over five centuries." Read the complete curator's text. read more >


Curatorial text


Numismática: a dialogue between coins and works

A larger collection of 6,919 pieces has been whittled down to 420, made from a range of materials—gold, silver, copper and even wood—for display. There are coins, medals, weights, assays, decorations and a whole host of other objects from the monetary universe—visitors will have the chance to view the rarest and most beautiful pieces of Brazilian numismatics. read more >



The collector's dream


The collections

It was in 1969 that, driven by a desire to bring together Brazil's historical and artistic records, Olavo Setubal, one of the founders of Itaú, began to collect works of art, documents, objets d'art and books. His initiative led to one of the most wide-ranging collections of Braziliana of the present day.

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Brasiliana Itaú – one of the largest corporate collections of Brazil's historical and visual memory, the brainchild of Olavo Setubal—brings together 2,529 items, reflected in some five thousand images. Numismática brings together some seven thousand items, including medals, decorations and gold bars.

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Step by step

Learn more about the exhibition and the specific time period in Brazilian history of each module prepared for visitors. In all, there are nine modules divided by themes and historical periods, but not necessarily in chronological order. The route begins with Unknown Brazil, followed by Dutch Brazil and Secret Brazil, up to the 18th century. Naturalists' Brazil opens the 19th century, and, beginning with the fifth module,The Capital's Brazil visitors delve into the country’s development up to the start of the 2000s – Provincial Brazil, Imperial Brazil, Slavery in Brazil and Brazil of Brazilians. read more >




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Olavo Setubal Hall – Brasiliana Itaú Collection


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